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Important Info about Snow report Pamporovo, Bulgaria

pamporovo ski zone

Everyone who loves the race around the Pamporovo ski area felt glad to hear that in the middle of November the snow began to fall on the hills of Rhodopes Mountain. While it takes time to have the thick surface needed for Alpine…


6 tips for your summer holidays

summer holidays to bulgaria

It might be late for this summer but not too late to use some piece of advice on how to make the most of your summer holidays. Just in case you need it. Even the most experienced traveler has a thing or two…


Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – A perfect destination for your July holiday


The hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere is the preferred time for the summer vacation of million people who live in Europe. That’s why the high demand for vacant rooms in almost every resort on the coast of the Mediterranean…


The winter to be celebrated at Borovets


    Celebrated by hundreds at Borovets ski resort, World Snow Day deserved the name and brought lots of fun and joy, especially to the children. The winter has been quite mild so far but this Saturday the flakes finally started pouring from…


World Cup experience in reach at Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora Slovenia

Beyond doubt, Kranjska Gora rings the first bell when the topic concerns the Slovenian ski resorts. That tiny town on the northwestern corner of the country literally touching the Austrian border and only a few kilometres from Italy represents the national Alpine skiing…


You Love U.S. – see how to travel faster!

Canada is very beautiful country. The U.S. as well… And if you live in some of these lands, you are lucky! But if you often cross their borders, this is more than luck – this is a real happiness… To travel is one of the best…


Time To Renew Your Nexus Card

Canada may be a over lovely country… it’s attractive, fantastic and undoubtedly value visiting. If you have got the prospect to travel there for a jiffy or for an extended time, that’s nice and that we will solely would like you have got…