Everyone who loves the race around the Pamporovo ski area felt glad to hear that in the middle of November the snow began to fall on the hills of Rhodopes Mountain. While it takes time to have the thick surface needed for Alpine slaloms or snowboard acrobatics, but it is a good promise those who love the winter sports and especially the sunniest snow resort in Bulgaria. Thousands were those to book a vacation well up in advance to benefit from the perks of the early reservations.

The hosts, anyway, are being cautious knowing the unpredictability of the weather. For example, last year heavy rains ruined the preparation for the season opening all around the Pamporovo ski map. But for now no forecast alarms for something of that kind to happen in the first weeks of the 2018-19 campaign.


What is the best time to visit Pamporovo ski resort?

pamporovo bulgariaThe answer to such a question is far from any surprise – the first month of the year is the favorite period for the thrills on the slopes for those who know the Rhodopes Mountain winter sports zone. The International snow day is 19th January, and Pamporovo snow report occurs to be mostly favorable around that time for skiers and boarders.

Well, some would prefer to book a stay for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Others consider Pamporovo ski holidays as an option for the Valentines’ Day. Both picks would rather work out well if you love the race on the pistes. After mid-December, the chance to have an encouraging Pamporovo snow report is over 80 percent. In February, the opportunity is even better than that.

Sometimes the winter is chilly, but the snowfall is scarce. Pamporovo ski resort was substantially developed to meet every possible situation, and for that matter, there are more than 200 snow cannons installed on the slopes. While the temperature holds on near the zero marks on the Celsius scale, the machines will provide the “powder” for the runs, if the snowfall occurs to be insufficient.


Don’t afraid of the sunny weather

sunny pamporovoThe fact that this resort is literally the brightest in the country is not a risk factor for the Pamporovo snow report. The winter sports zone is situated higher than 1500 m above the sea level, so the sun would not melt the snow so fast. The Bulgarian experts say that the Rhodopes area is easier and faster to prepare for skiing and snowboarding compared to other major winter resorts in the country.

You might not know that, but Pamporovo ski pass works for two zones – the eponymous and the nearby Mechi Chal. That fact happens to be one of the main advantages of the Rhodopes Mountain resort at the expense of Bansko or Borovets. The concept for the development of Pamporovo ski resorts is to form the largest winter sports area combined with the slopes over the town of Chepelare. So far, anyway, both resorts are linked only by a shuttle bus. But why not go for downhill at Mechi Chal in the morning and slalom on some of the Snezhanka runs in the afternoon. The real Alpine combination is available at the Pamporovo ski zone.