cheap summer holidays to bulgariaIt might be late for this summer but not too late to use some piece of advice on how to make the most of your summer holidays. Just in case you need it. Even the most experienced traveler has a thing or two to learn for the next trip. And what those who travel no so often and rarely leave their comfort zone? Hope these hints will work out for both types.

Explore the Balkans


Pretty common tip actually and not one you will find here exclusively. Tens of thousand people from the UK and Western Europe consider going on summer holidays to Bulgaria or Croatia every year so you must have heard about these countries even you have never visited the region. A quick check of the price list of Summer Holidays should be enough to convince that the Balkans deliver much more affordable deals for the summer holidays. But the low-cost holidays to Croatia do not compromise the quality of the service – the conditions of the accommodation are comparable with the western standards.

Except for the much lower cost of the hotels Southeastern Europe can charm you with diverse scenes around the coastline. The Adriatic Sea is the one you will enjoy if you choose to go on holidays to Montenegro, Croatia or even Albania. The western shore of the Balkan Peninsula enchants the traveler with the dazzling views. Opting for summer holidays to Bulgaria will lead you to the Black Sea where there is a beauty to be seen too and the long sandy beaches will make you spend day after day under the sun.


Look for a destination where the sea meets the mountain

It is beautiful looking to the sea from the heights. Once again the Balkans stand out – while in Greece there are numerous places of that kind, the holidays to Montenegro represent the best example. Even Slovenia holidays make sense – did you know that this Alpine country also has some beaches on the Adriatic Sea?


Pick a deal outside of the high season

You would hardly take a good rest if you stumble in the crowd every step you take in every direction. This is what happens too often during the summer holidays in July or August. Except for the noise and the traffic this period is also the most expensive. If you have a chance to shift your summer holidays 2018 plans for September it will work out great for you almost everywhere in Europe except for the beaches of the Baltic Sea or the northernmost shores of the Black Sea. Well, if you are about to visit Crete island you can even do it in November as Dutch tourists often do in fact. But if opt for holidays to Montenegro better don’t put it too late in the late summer/early autumn schedule.


Book a quiet place but near the big city

You will love to have peaceful nights but reside in a small village might make you feel bored after some time. So picking up a location near a bigger town or city is a good choice. For example, going on holidays to Croatia it is a must to visit the magnificent Dubrovnik. But you can book a room 5 or 10 km away from the noisy urban atmosphere around the Babin Kuk area. Or if you summer holidays 2018 agenda lead you to Barcelona you can reserve a room at some of the resorts standing 15-20 minutes away from the center of the Catalan province.


Taste the local food and drinks but carefully

One of the greatest pleasures during the summer holidays is to enjoy a delicious dinner after the hot day. Tasting the local specialties is a must but you must watch out too. Picking seafood while on summer holidays to Bulgaria, for instance, might not be always the greatest choice because the fish and the shellfish might not be really fresh – the best season for fishing in the Black Sea is autumn which might be late for the summer holidays 2018 edition. Some destinations offer food that might be challenging to digest. So taste and enjoy but ask local people for advice on what to choose.


Pack light or travel with a hold luggage?

Why “or” if it can be “and”? Since the deals for summer holidays to Croatia include 20 kg hold luggage you don’t have to be worried about the cost of the bags. Traveling with fewer suits and smaller bags is more comfortable. But going for Slovenia holidays you might get into the situation to bring more stuff returning home – clothes, presents, local food or wines you fell in love with. So don’t go for cabin baggage only for summer holidays 2018 because it will cost you to add a big suit before you catch the flight back.