The hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere is the preferred time for the summer vacation of million people who live in Europe. That’s why the high demand for vacant rooms in almost every resort on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea (where the Aegean, Adriatic, and Balearic seas belong too), the shores and islands belonging to Spain and Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean, why not Caribbean pearls and more exotic destinations like the Maldives should not be considered a surprising occurrence. And the Black Sea is busy, of course, regarding resorts like the most famous in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach, for instance. This area gains an increasing popularity, after being neglected for decades, especially by the western travelers.


Black Sea – the great weather meets the great prices


Speaking of the greatest seaside places to stay in it is hard to avoid the conclusion that most of the destinations with the highest demand cost a lot – it might not be a lot as a fortune but a week at the French Riviera, for example, will require to save some money over the course of a quarter of the year or even more. This is definitely not the case when it comes to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – this resort has been ranked as the most affordable on an international level and it is not hard to see why . The leading Bulgarian destinations – Nessebar and Golden Sands add to the list – offer a tempting combination of cheap accommodation, low level of the daily expense, nice weather for the greater part of the summer and a variety of activities to enjoy while on vacation.


If you think you can find such mix on the Black Sea in some other country different than Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, Albena, and Sozopol represent a force that is hard to beat. Drawing a line to the eastern end of the sea, you will reach Russian Sochi which is famous but definitely not cheap. This is why a bigger number of Russian people prefer to book a stay at some of the Sunny Beach hotels or even buying an apartment at Pomorie (a Russian quarter actually was built there recently) rather than paying more for the home soil… or sand. The Georgian resorts might be cheaper but the country isn’t regarded as a safe area. Is it a stereotype or not, would you take a wild bet if have the option to reserve a suit for the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays? Romania and Ukraine also have nice resorts on the Black Sea but these countries are located on the northern shores and the good weather last shorter. Turkey has been famous for the great and affordable offers most of which anyway are available in the Mediterranean resorts, not on the Black Sea.


So why July?


The answer might be found in the weather reports about the heavy rains and low temperatures at the end of June 2018. Actually, conditions of that type are rather accidental regarding the Bulgaria holidays – Sunny Beach welcomes the guests from late-May till mid-September. For most of the time sun shines and the sea is calm and warm. But if you want to reduce the risk of a bad luck with the weather then the whole July might be the most appropriate time frame. The weather is hot in the first half of August too but usually, this is the busiest period on the Black Sea since the biggest part of Bulgarians book the summer vacation right then.


Anyway, July Sunny Beach 2018 offers might be hard to find if the search starts in… July. And it wouldn’t be as cheap as it would be in the case of an early booking made in April or even February. Balkan Holidays always save some options among the Sunny Beach hotels  for those who seemed to be late in the process of reservation. The July buzz is not a news for those who have spent a week on the Bulgarian coastline previously. So if they choose to return – and a lot of them do, picking the room in the hottest destination in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, starts well in up in advance.


The nice weather and the warm sea combined with the affordable accommodation undoubtedly play a leading role to choose the summer destination. A handful of other reasons has to be mentioned pointing in favor of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays. In the past decade, the popularity of the resort grew significantly as a favorite party area. The British tourists and media call it the “Balkan Ibiza” even if it is not always with the positive notion. The dance and buzz anyway are concentrated around the Cacao Beach section and one of the main avenues in the town. So those who consider Sunny Beach, Bulgaria holidays should not worry about the high level of noise if they do not reside around those two areas.


Several big aqua parks operate around the town and the visit of these complexes like Action Aquapark or Aqua Paradise will bring great moments of joy for the children. And for the grown-ups too. Except for the wide variety of pubs, bars, and restaurants, there are other places worth the visit during the time in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, for example, is located less than ten minutes away from the wonderful Nessebar, the Old Town of which has been in the list of UNESCO World Heritage for decades now. The most famous seaside resort in Bulgaria isn’t far from the mountain too – Stara Planina, or the Balkan mountains which gave the name of the whole region, touches the sea a few miles north of Slanchev Bryag. Sunny Beach 2018 vacation includes all of the mentioned ingredients and even if it is too late for the July booking, the summer might last long, especially when it got late this year in Bulgaria.