Beyond doubt, Kranjska Gora rings the first bell when the topic concerns the Slovenian ski resorts. That tiny town on the northwestern corner of the country literally touching the Austrian border and only a few kilometres from Italy represents the national Alpine skiing pride. The competition for the Vitranc cup, named after the most prominent mountain in the area, dates back to 1961 and has been in the calendar of the World Cup of Alpine skiing for 36 seasons since 1968. With two starts in slalom and giant slalom, the international tour comes back to Kranjska Gora for the 11th year in a row for the weekend of 3-4 March 2018.

Skiing in Kranjska Gora

Yes, if you think the place is busy then, you make no mistake. The reservations for the next Vitranc cup have been made well in advance. The demand for Kranjska Gora skiing holidays is huge all winter so wishing to experience what it is about to run the tracks of the World Cup have to make you book early to be sure you’ll have a place to stay. The winter has put the white cover on the hills and there are few rooms left vacant weeks before the competition and after it has finished. One might think that the accommodation would be expensive for a site of such fame and it is during the World Cup starts weekend but a random week-long vacation in Kranjska Gora would cost a couple little more than 1000 GBP. If there are still vacancies available, some of the best on the table can be found by a trusted travel company like Balkan Holidays.

High-level slopes at affordable prices

Winter in Kranjska Gora

What attracts tens of thousands active people every winter to book on Kranjska Gora Skiing holidays is the opportunity to touch the surface on which Alpine champions have gained their glory for a surprisingly low price. You wouldn’t expect that the Number One Slovenian snow resort can be put on the list of the budget locations but would you think like that knowing that the daily ski pass costs less than 35 Euro? It’s 32,50 actually and the price goes down per day if the ticket covers a longer period. For example, 10-days package with photo sums up to 240 Euro.

Worthy to mention is the fact that Kranjska Gora skiing holidays happen to be even more attractive for teenagers and young adults – anyone older than 15 and younger than 24 rides buy the one-day lift card for 27 Euro and the 10-days card costs less than 200 Euro. Any ticket for a span of more than two days includes the night skiing option too.

Well, since the combined length of the ski resort isn’t big – 30 km of pistes for Alpine skiing experience and 40 km for cross-country, the venue often happens to be crowded. With 18 slopes Kranjska Gora suits the best the intermediate amateurs skiers yet the absolute newbies also have their place on the map. The three Black type slopes – Zelenci, Podkoren and Rutec, are definitely designed for pros and for the World Cup stars. Any type of skier or boarder you are, Kranjska Gora skiing holidays offer you an experience that will never be forgotten.